Entry #1


2007-08-13 22:29:51 by raspberry-pie

imr oy. i LOVE skateboarding and i think imma start a skateboarding flash series.. i dunno check out my first one and leave a review saying if u think its a good idea.. ok? laters bitches..

skate on.. ~roy


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2007-08-28 17:26:32

Dude you totally stolemy idea! Btw, its Deathwishez here, the guy who needs interweb on his own damn pc to submit flash, anyways, if you make a series, don't name one Skateboarding Madness, cuz im making a second video called that, i started right after i finished the first, so yeah... later Roy!


2007-10-01 06:07:39

I think it's a bad idea for you to continue your skating series. It's not very good.