Entry #3

well yes it had ben started

2008-01-19 20:44:12 by raspberry-pie

well yah. we have done it. shade productions is now up and has members posting. weve only got about 7 members so far but hell a road nowhere will turn out somewhere right. we already have a few flash's in the works right now and many more will come. we expect our number of members to sky rocket once we send out our first few movies. but hell yah never know. well what are yah waiting for. go join damnit. heres that link for yah. ill approve as soon as u register so go ahead on there and join up.


heres a pic of the shade productions ninja.

well yes it had ben started


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2008-02-11 14:49:30

Nice response. I said nothing offensive, but if you want the last word I'll give it you.
And btw, don't try to use long sentences to intimidate me. I'm much better at that than you are, trust me when I say.

Fuck you.